Starting with Why: Purpose-driven branding


Strategic Consulting Meets Brand Marketing

Tax Defense Network does more than tax resolution. Their legacy business was holding a lot of untapped service offerings. But TDN’s problem wasn’t just their name.

The question was where to start, which we answered with Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why.”

Aligning SEO with Business Culture

Purpose leads strategy

First, there are the web search considerations. You can’t just hang a new name on the door and expect customers, or even your own employees, to adapt. First, you have to change who you are. So we started with re-positioning and personality work. Then we tackled brand identity. And messaging. And the color of the walls.

Simplifying complexity through video

A logo can visualize a strategy

A logo can visualize a strategy

Quick solutions on mobile

Quick solutions on mobile

Great design visualizes the benefit—simple relief from debt

Optimized for a mobile UI

Insight-led executions

These days, everyone has money problems of some kind. Tax debt resolution was the core, but business strategy work revealed there are bigger opportunities in student loans, small business taxes, and payroll services. And for all, MoneySolver was born.

Integrated marketing materials
Brand voice that keeps the solution simple
A step-by-step process
Easy to find solutions at every turn

The dividends of brand equity—adding revenue

Without sacrificing current revenue in the pre-existing business, new lines of business have started bringing in new customers, with a path for many more to follow. What was once a single business line has evolved into multiple services that customers needed, each supporting one another.


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Public & Media Relations

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