Building a Brand through Public Relations


What no advertising?

With little to no advertising support, ClosetMaid wanted to find a way to grow its share of voice in the category. The opportunity was clear. We needed storytelling content for the ever-increasing conversation about “living life clutter-free.”

Let's do the editors' and producers' work for them

The agency created a digital media kit for editors and producers that provides easy access to ready-to-publish stories based on relevant consumer insights, including high-quality lifestyle product shots, video, and digital assets.

Of course we can help you

We worked with influencers to create a strong base of branded content including tips, makeovers, blog posts, idea books, and videos. These were shared across ClosetMaid’s social channels and with editors, writers, and producers.

ROI? More than 1,000%. (Seriously.)

  • 1.4 billion impressions crossing broadcast, print and online media through media relations alone
  • 12.8% impressions more than an impressive prior year
  • Total ad value of $11.0 million
  • 15.9% increase in ad value from the prior year


Marketing Consulting

Public & Media Relations

Content Strategy & Production

Influencer Marketing