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Capitol Lighting

Brick-and-Mortar, and Digital

After 90 years in business, Capitol Lighting’s legacy brand needed an update. Their e-commerce platform, was quickly growing. But without brand management, it also risked diluting 90 years of equity.

So, how do you merge brick-and-mortar legacy with a new digital mindset—without compromising either?

Look-alike marketing: Personas + Data

We began with a brand visioning workshop to highlight the original, 1924 principles—translating them into practices for modern shoppers.

After combining look-alike persona insights with lots of research about our real customers, On Ideas found the right language to make the intangible, tangible—identifying Capitol Lighting’s relevance and how to do business.

Giving form to vision.

Leveraging existing materials


Creating comprehensive Brand Books

Creating comprehensive Brand Books

Advertising and Collateral Templates

Advertising and Collateral Templates

Video content by Blue Bridge Productions

Visual Design System

Visual communication is key, so brand consistency online, in-store, through magazines, and on social media all requires a design system—translated to every medium—with the user experience (UX) to connect it all.

And if you’re still reading, it must work.

Applying Brand Standards
Integrated Marketing
Efficient Marketing Templates

Results by the gallon

According to consumer data, homeowners usually repaint in the Spring to freshen things up. So we co-opted that little insight and twisted it for lighting.

+40% YOY Spring Sales Event


Advertising Campaigns


Content Strategy & Production

Social Media

Email Marketing

Video Studio