Should you use Meta’s Advantage+ audience targeting?

Meta has been pushing new technology, claiming to improve performance. But is this the right option for your campaigns? Selecting the Advantage+ audience allows Meta’s AI to deliver ads outside of your chosen audience if it will improve performance. This is great if your goal is to increase awareness or traffic to your product or service, regardless of age or gender. If you are trying to only drive a specific age range and/or gender to your brand, then the Advantage+ audience isn’t the best choice. For example, if you want to target females aged 22-35 and select the Advantage+ audience, then Meta can – and will – show ads outside your selection. This means males could see your ad, as well as people ages 64+. This may not make sense if you are trying to sell a millennial female-focused product. 

If you have an unlimited budget or a broad audience, Advantage+ may work for you. Don’t be alarmed if a large portion of your impressions and clicks come from the 64+ age range. This older demographic is more likely to click on an ad, and therefore, Meta will show to them at a higher rate, especially if your goal is CTR and paying per click. 

Running a successful campaign requires careful planning and continuous monitoring. It’s crucial to outline your goals, keep a close eye on performance, and meticulously analyze your metrics. This way, you can truly understand what the data is telling you and make informed decisions to optimize your campaign.

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