#NationalCreativityDay: Creatives making our communities better

May 30th was National Creativity Day, and in that vein we want to shine the spotlight on some local artists, business owners, chefs, and more, who uplift our communities through their creativity, passion, and drive by making their art come to life.

Make sure to check them out when you’re in town. 

In Sarasota, Fla. 

Renesito – @renesitoavich

Artisan Cheese Co. @artisancheesecompany 

Chef Steve Phelps – @chefstevephelps

Chef Steve Phelphs

(Chef Steve Phelphs)

In Jacksonville, Fla.

Calli Marie – @callimariebakes 

Brew Five Points @brewfivepoints 

Jordy/n – @jordyfangz  

Scotie Cousin – @scotiecousin 

Scotie Cousin

(Scotie Cousin)

Creativity ignites ideas, and ideas are what make our agency world keep turning. These creatives inspire us to be bold and think outside the box – and they make our Sarasota and Jacksonville communities all the more vibrant! 

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