The Importance of Corporate Sustainability

Sustainability has been a hot topic in the business world for the last several years and for good reason. Companies investing in sustainability are not only benefiting the environment and society, but can also reap benefits internally, such as boosting employee engagement, retention, and overall company culture. 

According to a recent Deloitte survey, many brands’ top sustainability priorities are: 

  1. Improving the sustainability of internal marketing practices 
  2. Promoting more sustainable product and service offerings
  3. Establishing long-term sustainability commitments 

Companies are focusing their corporate sustainability on internal efforts, addressing processes and how they operate within, instead of pushing the responsibility onto the consumer. Ultimately, they are striving to lead by example. 

It’s important for companies to actively do what they deem as important to the brand before they share it externally. After all, actions speak louder than words. 

Additionally, consumers continue to show interest and concern in economic and environmental events. In turn, brands are advertising more sustainable products and service offerings to stay relevant in the marketplace. 

Not only are these programs reducing negative impacts on the environment, but they are also offering more purpose-driven work, helping employees connect meaningfully to their organization.

Another recent survey conducted by Deloitte, specifically around retail brands, revealed that employees who work at “leading” sustainability retailers are more engaged and satisfied than those at companies with “lagging” sustainability programs. 

According to the survey,  85% of respondents who work for retail sustainability leaders say their work “gives them a sense of accomplishment,” while 84% say they’re “inspired by the company’s vision and values.” Companies with lagging programs rated lower at 57% and 22% respectively.

Corporate sustainability programs can help contribute to a healthier and more resilient planet for future generations. It can also build strong internal connections and keep employees engaged and fulfilled. 

If a brand does not have a sustainability program in place or is not working towards one, they are missing opportunities to grow internally and externally. 

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