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Life Lessons – March Newsletter

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I was always the youngest. The youngest kid in class, the youngest of my friend group, the youngest on my tennis team. So how is it, suddenly, I’ve become the oldest person in the office?

As I begin to imagine what retirement might look like, I’ve started to consider and appreciate the life lessons I’ve learned since my first ‘real’ job in 1987. Herewith, my top five:

  1.  Always accept an opportunity to take on a new responsibility, even if you don’t think you can do it. Others often see things in you that you can’t see in yourself.
  2.  Trust your gut. It will never fail you.
  3.  Be on time, always. It shows respect for others and yourself.
  4.  Never write an email when you’re mad and always re-read it before hitting send.
  5.  Be kind and have empathy. Life is hard enough. Let’s make the workplace a little nicer for each other.

And finally, live in another country. It will shift the way you think about life and living.


Denise Graham

Executive Vice President, On Ideas

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