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4 Tips to Step Up Your B2B Marketing Strategy

When it comes to business-to-business (b2b) marketing, professionals have different opinions and approaches to the best strategies. So how can you create something elevated from the rest? How can you catch the attention you want in a world with a million distractions?

In a recent podcast, The Marketing Millennials and the host of B2B Better, Jason Bradwell shared tips on how to step up your strategy and capture truly engaged audiences.

Here are four of our takeaways and why we agree these are crucial to elevating your marketing strategy.

  1. B2C Marketing Helps.

    If you are in any b2b circles, people will say the marketing needs to be more like business-to-consumer marketing. At the end of the day, it is all about human-to-human interaction. Think more like the consumer when developing your business-to-business campaigns and it will make a difference. Start by asking yourself, “How can we capture the hearts and minds of our potential customers?” and work your way backward.

  2. Creative design IS important.

    As much as some don’t want to admit it, creative visuals are crucial in b2b material. As much as some don’t want to admit it, visuals are crucial in conveying a message in your b2b material. It’s important that your creative work showcases your brand powerfully and accurately, especially if you’re already investing a big budget in your branding strategy. The question here is, why would someone want to partner with a company they don’t connect with?
    Make sure your group of designers is considered a critical marketing function because they are.

  3. Bring the sales and marketing teams together.

    More often than not, companies create a marketing journey AND a sales journey when in reality there’s only one journey. The CONSUMER JOURNEY. Create a cohesive unit by bringing the teams together. Make sure the head of sales and the head of marketing’s objectives align. Then allow them to empower each other and work together.

  4. Yes, and…

    The ability to improvise is ideal. When starting a brainstorming session where you are trying to think outside the box, use the tactic of “Yes, and…” Say “Yes, and then what…” to each idea. Don’t bring any limitations or barriers to your creative thinking session.The freedom to explore all possibilities is quite beneficial. Then make sure to narrow it down to your most effective and efficient ideas that are born out of that session, don’t say yes to everything that comes from it.

Listen to the Marketing Millennials full podcast with Jason Bradwell here.

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