(Facebook) Story Time


“So, how can we make this go viral?”

No other question inspires as much inspiration and exasperation (in equal parts) for social media marketers. To clients, it means millions of free views and a segment on the Ellen Show; a paradigm-shifting “Dunk in the Dark” moment that imprints their brand on the Mount Rushmore of commerce as popular culture. It’s a lofty and legitimate goal, one that requires equal parts perfect timing, sublime strategy, and exemplary execution. (more on this in a future blog post)

But it also requires knowledge of the rules of the game. Specifically, the type of content that audiences (and social network executives) want to see.

Last week, We Are Social Media reported seeing the launch of Facebook Stories in Ireland. Nearly identical to Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories will appear at the top of your newsfeed and can be shared privately with select friends or with your entire following. This news comes on the heels of the success of Instagram Stories, which boasts 150 million daily users less than 30 weeks into its launch.

Paired with the growth of Facebook Live (remember Chewbacca Mom and her 165 million views?) it’s easy to read the tea leaves and see the vision of Zuckerberg and his team for social networking: in-the-moment engagement and authenticity. More importantly, it’s easy to see the demand for authentic and engaging in-the-moment content.

It’s too early to tell whether Facebook Stories will be a similar success, or whether this latest offering will dilute the market for in-the-moment content. It’s also too early to determine whether Facebook Stories, if and when they launch in the U.S., will be a worthwhile marketing tool. But it’s not too early to take note of the further investment into this type of content, and the ever-growing demand for live and authentic content on social media.

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