Aug 8, 2017 - 1 Min Read- By West Herford

I Am Not A Target Market

For those who read Douglas Copeland’s Generation X, you may recall a chapter titled “I Am Not A Target Market.” While the chapter focused on consumption and consumerism, I had no idea how ironic and prophetic the phrase would become 25 years later.

It’s no secret that marketing dollars are chasing either Boomers or Millennials, but I had a realization last night that Generation X really isn’t anyone’s target market these days. We’re the forgotten generation, seemingly unimportant. What spurred this moment of self loathing and pity? An episode of Real Housewives.

No, I don’t watch Real Housewives typically, but one of the myriad versions was on last night and it dawned on me that most of the actresses are early Boomers. MTV launched a great new reality show last week called Siesta Key and all the characters are Millennials. Sure, there’s Southern Charm, but I found myself frantically searching for reruns of Thirtysomething last night just to relate to a storyline again.

Gary had the greatest Thirtysomething line ever.

“Even Hemingway wasn’t good at being Hemingway.”

Nonetheless, I implore you CMO’s out there – don’t underestimate Gen X. We are important, damnit! We account for a third of US consumerism. We’re the most highly educated generation in American history. Heck, we helped the world transition from analogue to digital and now Gen X’ers like Elon Musk are leading the next innovation wave.

And Hollywood, would you consider casting a show called Fortyish? Gen X needs a fix.

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