Apr 15, 2015 - 1 Min Read- By West Herford

Surfer Kelly Slater Wades Into Fashion

shutterstock_87139027We’re always touting the importance of “brand ambassadors” who live, breathe and advocate for a specific brand. We take this to heart and challenge ourselves to become “brand ambassadors” for our own clients. It’s so important for everyone on a team, from the top-down, to live the vision. With the launch of surfer Kelly Slater’s […]
Apr 8, 2015 - 1 Min Read- By West Herford

Want Don Draper’s Office From Mad Men?

frankMany would consider one of our founders, Frank, to be among the last of the true Mad Men. He loves glazed ceramic lamps, geometrically patterned wallpaper and the occasional afternoon nap on a mid-century modern sofa – all essential accoutrements for the perfect Don Draper-inspired office. Read more in this Bloomberg Businessweek article.
Feb 3, 2015 - 1 Min Read- By admin

I Think I Know How CMOs Feel

fitbitA week doesn’t go by without an article about how CMOs are grappling with big data, specifically interpreting all that data. This recent Adweek article reiterates that today’s CMO “has to have a handle on everything that touches the marketing cycle.” And with every week that goes by, another person lets his New Year’s resolutions fall by […]
Jan 23, 2015 - 1 Min Read- By admin

Winn-Dixie New Orleans Saints Campaign Featured in Today’s Grocer

44No one understands Saints fans quite like Winn-Dixie. When it comes to New Orleans culture, food and football are not to be taken lightly. In 1956, Winn-Dixie became a part of the rich culinary culture and joined as proud supporters of the New Orleans Saints with their first kick off in 1967. The 2014 Saints […]
Jan 19, 2015 - 1 Min Read- By admin

Advertising How-To’s: Take it Outside

OOH-011915-5We do a lot of outdoor here at On Ideas. Here are some insights on how we get it done. 1. Drive Get in the car. Roll down the windows. Turn up the radio. The road is your media. The asshole driving too slow in front of you is your audience. So is the maniac […]
Nov 13, 2014 - 2 Min Read- By admin

Advertising: Art or Science?

Being relatively new to the advertising world, I’ve become increasingly aware of how imperative it is to involve myself with people of all personalities, backgrounds and interests in order to develop professionally. By purposefully embracing these differences here at On Ideas, I’ve witnessed how every person comes together to form one entity. Collaborating with and […]
Jul 14, 2014 - 2 Min Read- By admin

The Social Impact of Social Media – Facebook’s Physiological Experiment

How’s your day going? Is it really going that way or is Facebook just telling you that it’s going that way? Are you now confused and have no idea what I’m talking about? That’s okay; join the crowd of almost 690,000 Facebook users in 2012 who had no idea either. For one week in 2012, […]
Jan 27, 2014 - 3 Min Read- By admin

The Social Power Hour

As a community manager, a social rant gone viral is a very real fear of mine. In my experience, I find that you never really know what’s going to stir up a community. You can assume, you can anticipate and you can prepare, but are you truly ready? There have been times in my past […]
Dec 5, 2013 - 1 Min Read- By admin

Big News

We’re thrilled to announce that we were recently named Agency of Record for the Jacksonville Jaguars. West Herford, partner and managing director at On Ideas, says it best: “We are Jaguars fans to the bone, and embrace the opportunity to reconnect the team with the fans and the Jacksonville community in meaningful ways.” Go Jags! http://bit.ly/1gBEbxY
Oct 8, 2013 - 2 Min Read- By admin

Happy Anniversary, On Ideas.

Wow!  October 1st, 2013 was a very big day.  The government shut down, the Affordable Health Care Exchanges opened (and the government’s website crashed with the volume), and On Ideas turned 8 years old! We, of course, used the occasion to celebrate, as we should.  But it made me think back to my start at […]

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