If you have ideas in your name, you better have some damn good ideas.

Ideas are everthing

We are a collaborative of left brain thinkers and right brain dreamers shaping the future.

Click on of a few of our more interesting folks to learn about what makes them tick. Feel free to cyberstalk them if someone catches your fancy.


Erica Lewis

Executive Administrative Coordinator

Recently relocated to Jacksonville after a move to Oxnard, CA 10 years ago, Erica is officially “bicoastal.” She’s very happy to be back home in Jacksonville but can’t wait to visit California to see her parents and her shih tzu, Merlot and to chow down on some authentic Mexican food.


Justine Piehowski

Senior Account Executive

Hailing from Normal, Ill., Justine has a diverse background in PR and marketing, including work in professional sports, event planning, and the auto industry. After graduating from Bradley University in Peoria, Ill., Justine moved to Florida to pursue her dream of not ever scraping solid ice off her car again. When she’s not working with clients, Justine is a musician, rookie golfer, and road trip enthusiast.


West Herford

Managing Director

A Tar Heel born and bred, West’s career has taken him far and wide. Borrowing a page from Gertrude Stein, he adopted Paris as his hometown.

Deep sea fishing, tennis and snow skiing take up a lot of his spare time. If he were president for a day, he’d sign an executive order to mandate a daily siesta.


Ivan Do

Studio Manager

Ivan Do (pronounced ‘doe’) has always had trouble with people inventing different combinations for his name. “Ivan the Terrible”, “Ivan Hoe” and “John Doe” to name just a few. When Ivan isn’t laughing awkwardly at the latest “Ivan the Terrible” joke, he is On Ideas’ studio manager. He has a passion for design, photography, print making, music, tennis, chess and movies.

He doesn’t understand why people like beans and thinks bananas are a complete waste of time.


Tiffany Biziewski

Senior Art Director

After my parents, both traveling Bible salespeople left me at the convent, it just so happened that the main nun was kind of into typography and secretly smuggled issues of CA and Luerzer’s Archive into the cloister. It was then that I knew my destiny: transforming any brand into a total bad ass, and of course, smuggling stuff in and out of cloisters.


Bryan Cherok

Director of Connections Planning & Optimization

Data, data, data. Bryan’s years submerged in digital have deeply tattooed him the answers are in the data. With a passion for marketing and understanding how all the individual pieces work together to achieve goals, Bryan is strives to answer the why in every situation. When not analyzing and optimizing Bryan can be found enjoying music and participating in the wide world of sports from soccer, softball, and football to cricket.


Ryan O. Hicks

UI/UX Designer

Originally from a small town in the midwest, Monticello, Indiana, Ryan has made his way down south to Jacksonville where he’s been for the previous three years. While in Jacksonville Ryan has worked with start ups to large corporations as a designer. Outside of work Ryan enjoys scuba diving, skydiving, exploring new restaurants, being outside, and hanging out with friends.


Chris Claxton

Accounting Manager

Chris is a big animal lover.  Especially cats.  Not just the domestic variety, but BIG cats – as in Jaguars.  Chris and her husband, Jeff, are season ticket holders so be sure to look for them on game days.  They’ll be wearing black and teal!  Go Jags!


Heather Engard

Director of Account Management

A daily Starbucks habit and a spirit of resourcefulness led Heather into account management.  A firm belief that anything can be mastered with a double iced soy mocha in hand has kept her loving this industry for over 10 years and across three states. Outside of work, give her a dog, travel plans and a camera and she’s one happy girl.


Meghan van Joosten

PR Account Manager

A Florida girl born and bred, Meghan’s passion for public relations has brought her back to the sunshine state managing public relations initiatives, media relations and branding strategy. Always up for a challenge, you can find her in the woods or on the water in the pursuit of the next big adventure and bragging rights at the weigh-in table.


Ashley Jones

Senior Manager,
Integrated Project Management

Born and raised in Jacksonville, this FL girl loves the sand and sunshine. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys traveling, great food and spending time with family and friends, especially with her husband Justin and their adorable French Bulldog, Buster. A dancer at heart, you will find her twirling around the office as the agency’s PM fairy. She may only be 5″5, but she’s the backbone of the agency, making sure projects deliver on time.


Tom Bolling

Partner, CEO

An advertising child prodigy, Tom has been running, managing and owning advertising agencies since 1979. He loves mentoring talented people. Today, Tom is the lead brand ambassador and Spiritual Guru for On Ideas.


Justine Jones

Social Media Coordinator

As a gregarious Communications major who’s a sucker for a good story, Justine is intrigued by the nature of social relationships and how they continue to adapt to today’s digitally relevant society. When she’s not reading blogs about social or tech news, Justine can be found curled up binging on sci-fi thriller shows or strumming her beloved Taylor 410-ce.


Nick Parks

Junior Web Designer

Raised in Jacksonville Florida, Nick grew up doodling on any surface he could find. He eventually found his passion for Graphic Design. When he is not working or serving on the board of AIGA Jacksonville, he is playing tabletop games with his friends or playing video games cuddled with his cats.


Denise Graham

VP, Practice Director – B2B, PR and Social Media

When she’s not scrolling through cute kitten postings on Pinterest, Denise (a committed ‘cat person’) is seeking out meaningful ways to help On Ideas’ clients communicate their messages. Denise spends her time away from work traveling (especially to her second home in Ireland), making fun of her husband’s accent and relaxing with a good book.


Jose DeLeon

Web Developer



Frank Costantini

Partner, Executive CD

It’s a little known fact that the phrase “they broke the mold when they made him” was originally coined in reference to Frank. Since then, he’s made a career of creating ad campaigns (Kodak, Burger King, Advil, among others) that you could recite in your sleep. Frank is an avid downhill skier, a dog lover and never accepts the first hotel room offered to him.


Daniela Otalvaro

Digital Production Designer

Born in Colombia and raised in South Florida, Daniela is something of a creative machine. If she is not playing around her computer creating digital masterpieces, or mixing a concoction of paints to slap on a canvas, then she is probably in the kitchen snacking on cheese and sipping on wine to fuel her next creative project.


Jared Hill


Jared likes eating beach and long walks on the Chinese food. He’s not great at writing short bios about himself, but that doesn’t stop him from trying. He’s a scrappy competitor, that kid. Anyway, in addition to writing, he loves music, movies and television. He also enjoys talking about himself in the third person. Jared, you rule.


Caroline Close

Senior Account Executive

Born and raised in the 904, Caroline traveled to North Carolina for college (GO ELON). There, she developed skills in business and communications while simultaneously honing in on her love of down-home Southern fare. Caroline’s been immersed in the crazy world of advertising since graduating in 2007. Her passion for the subject is almost as strong as her undying love for wine, cheese, and her rescue mutt, Ellie.


Wendy Alexaitis

Senior Account Executive

A Florida girl, Wendy was born to be a die-hard Gator fan and graduate. After taking a dive into the advertising world at CP+B she has worked on JELL-O, A.1. , Burger King, and B2B brands and is excited be a part of the On Ideas team. For fun, she enjoys traveling, scuba diving, playing with her dog, rambling off random trivia facts and keeping her glass half full.


Deonna Carver

Chief Financial Officer

A Midwesterner who has comfortably settled in to the Florida life, Deonna has judiciously managed the financial aspects of the agency for over six years. When she is not budgeting, forecasting or analyzing, you will find her with her husband and kids at taekwondo tournaments photographing awesome “head shots”…not the smiling pretty face kind, but the kicking of the head kind.


John Huggins

Associate Creative Director

For the past 16 years, John has been jotting down ideas on random sheets of paper for Coca-Cola, Shane’s Rib Shack, American Idol, Hanes, Club Med, SAAB, Remy Martin, Nerf, Casio and Toshiba. Many of those ideas went on to become nationally recognized campaigns. The others became material for his stand-up comedy act.


Jan Morris

Traffic Manager

A Carolina girl by birth, but a Florida beach babe at heart, Jan can’t get enough of the coastline. She loves everything beachy and nautical, especially her sailor husband. Jan studied business and marketing at the College of Charleston and when she’s not busy working her tail off, Jan can most likely be found at the gym or beach.


Courtney Lane

Management Supervisor

Courtney is a Jacksonville native returning to the sun and water after college in Texas and eight years in Atlanta. She is an avid traveller, runner, and bargain hunter. She is happiest on a boat or simply near the water with her soon-to-be husband and their crazy English Pointer, Woody.


Matthew Dezern

Technology Manager

Matt leverages an IT Consulting background built on a strong skill set of SMB-to-enterprise class technology support, administration and consulting service to manage On Ideas’ emergent technology needs.  Insert nonsensical quirky quip here related to karma fishing and LOLs.

In short, father, worker, hacker, lover, joker, fixer, gamer, geek.


Lauren Toomy

Account Coordinator

A native Floridian, after braving the cold winters in New York City for two years, she has found herself back in the Florida sunshine that she’s used to. She has a love for running, yoga, baking and traveling the world. When she’s not spending time with her family, she is taking on the daunting task of learning to play golf.


Lauren Soutar

Junior Art Director

First name Lauren, last name Soutar. Half English, half Jamaican. Enough said.


Joanne Gage

Business Consultant

Joanne has literally spent her life in the grocery business –  starting at birth, since her family operated a grocery store.  Once you get to know her, you’ll realize how much being a first generation Italian has influenced her life.


Erin Miller

Digital Producer

Erin can be found where the right and left-brain collide–an eye for creativity guided by logical insight. Whether it’s problem solving or training for a race, Erin’s constantly pushing the boundaries of the world around her. Originally from Seattle, WA, Erin has settled down in the sunshine state. When she’s not in the office, you can find her running on the beach or paddle boarding in the Atlantic.


Jason Kirk

Director of Business Development

Seattle born and raised, Jason is an avid kayaker, trekkie (with Kirk for a last name, it was inevitable) and theme park junkie. In a past life he worked for a variety of non-profit organizations ranging from an international adoption agency and an aquarium to a contemporary art museum. When he is not seeking out business leads, you can find him with the love of his life, his dog Bella.


Laura Riggs

Integrated Media Supervisor

Laura began her career in Marketing in 1997, at one of the oldest agencies in Denver. She has experience in account management and media planning. When she isn’t finding new and innovative ways to help clients grow their business, she volunteers and advocates for a broad mix of social justice initiatives.


Chris Nott

Associate Creative Director

Your Brand is your voice. If you don’t speak up, someone else will do the talking. And, I promise, you won’t like what they have to say.


Vern Weiss

Director of Broadcast Production Services

Vern is currently visiting Earth from the Planet Tralfamadore where he will be returning soon to produce a documentary about his cousin, Billy Pilgram.


Cheryl Parks

Print Production Manager

Cheryl is a self-proclaimed printing geek, although she’s not sure how it happened. She loves color – ALL COLOR – which is pretty evident some days by the clothes she wears.
The sun rises and sets with her family, including her grandson and two miniature Dachshunds.


Katie Leaf

Account Supervisor

Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Katie loves football (War Eagle!), sweet tea, and banana puddin’. She’s is a deep believer in retail therapy and yoga, as well as the power of telling stories through advertising. A new mom to Oliver, she’s quickly discovered the cult of mom bloggers and the lure of late-night, sleep-deprived, online shopping.

The truth is out there. But that doesn’t mean
it really matters.

Making your message matter.

Not too long ago, all you needed to boost your brand was to understand the intersection between what's true and what matters. Figuring out which truths about your brand were most relevant to your customers usually resulted in some pretty spectacular marketing campaigns.

And then came social media.

Today, the intersection your brand needs to live in is much more complex. It is the confluence of What's True, What Matters and What Influences. Whether it's social media communities, online reviews, word of mouth reputation or the actual sales experience—lots of external forces are at play.

At On Ideas, we quickly synthesize and analyze all of these factors to help your brand confidently determine The One Thing that's going to move your sales needle.

With impactful ideas executed in innovative ways, there’s no end to what we’re capable of.

We are continually adapting.

In this "anything is possible" society bursting with emergent media, it's impractical to say what anyone is capable of. But through the years, our team has built an impressive arsenal of expertise that we've used to build our clients' brands. On Ideas can engage your audiences through a wide variety of channels, disciplines and methodologies that continue to evolve.

Here are just a few:

More minds in the mix.

On Ideas is able to quickly and accurately profile customer audiences and segment by data-driven insights about their behaviors and interests. It's the proprietary process that helps us pinpoint the What Matters to your consumers. We do this with the assistance of three partners who are innovators in their fields:

Acxiom collects, analyzes, and segments customer information to provide exceptional insights into your customers.

eSite is a predictive marketing firm that helps us answer even the most difficult questions of "who, where and why?"

TargetCast, 2010 Media Agency of the Year, provides competitive intelligence, syndicated research, and broadcast buying capabilities that make every dollar work harder.